SOMMERSO  Leopard Shark -  These carpet sharks can't be missed with easily recognisable brown, leopard-like spots. They are entirely harmless to humans and can be found in coastal waters on sandy bottoms, and in abundance at Julian Rocks, Australia.


    These bioresin blades include a black Sommerso brand and logo along the side of each blade.


    In lieu of artist commission we will donate a percentage of sales to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.


    All blades purchased with Glow come with a blacklight torch to activate them at night. Blades can also be charged by sunlight - the more direct sunlight, the longer the charge will last.



    Length - 770mm

    Width - 190mm

    22 Degree angle

    Weight - 600g


    S O M M E R S O  COMPOSITE Blades come in three stiffness grades

    - Super Soft up to 70kg

    - Soft to suit 70-85kg

    - Medium to suit 85kg +


    Sommerso Composite Blades are designed and fine-tuned to reduce your energy consumption with each kick, without losing speed and increasing performance. 


    This is achieved with its unique inner fibre layers placed at just the right areas so that with every for and aft kick you get the return snap that is unique to our composite blades.


    The top side has a smooth gloss finish and the underside a seal skin texture to maximise our hydrodynamic design.






    Our blades are all hand built using bioresin and take time to produce the quality that we pride ourselves on. Production times may vary depending on volume, with art taking longer than plain carbon.



    - Wash off saltwater and keep out of direct heat and sunlight.

    - Do not step on, wear on boats, rocks, pool bottom where possible as to not void warranty.

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