SOMMERSO  Galaxy -  Night sky inspired print. Graduation of colours result in different coloured blades - purple and pink both with stars. Explore the deep with these beautiful fins of the endless Galaxy.



    Length - 770mm, Blade.

    Width - 190mm

    S1 - 22 Deg angle

    S2 - 32 Deg angle

    Weight - 1.25kg with foot pockets (Art is slightly more)


    S O M M E R S O  CARBON Fins come in three stiffness grades

    - Super Soft up to 70kg

    - Soft to suit 70-85kg

    - Medium to suit 85kg +


    Sommerso Carbon Fins are designed and fine-tuned to reduce your energy consumption with each kick, without losing speed and increasing performance. 


    This is achieved with its unique inner carbon-fibre layers placed at just the right areas so that with every for and aft kick you get the return snap that is unique to our carbon fins.


    The top side has a smooth gloss finish and the underside a seal skin texture to maximise our hydrodynamic design.


    S1 Carbon fins have a lower purchase angle and may require a little more effort than the S2 blades. Because the angle is not as sharp as the S2 they will feel ever so slightly harder to kick. As they push a bit more water to get them going, they give more power initially. They can be good for diving in currents and surf or anywhere you need a bit more drive.


    S2 Carbon fins have a higher purchase angle, this means better hold on the surface with every kick, creating more drive and performance in the water making them better for long distance and long periods of diving.

    They are also better on the ankles due to being closer to the bodies natural form, hence reducing fatigue.

    They can also feel softer than what they are due to these factors.


    All fins come with a choice of foot pockets, Pathos, Labrax, Cetma S-wing, which suit a wider foot, and Immersion, C4 400, to suit a more narrow foot.  Or contact us with your prefered foot pocket.



    Our fins are all hand built and take time to produce the quality that we pride ourselves on. Production times may vary depending on volume, with art taking longer than plain carbon.



    - Wash off saltwater and keep out of direct heat and sunlight.

    - Do not step on, wear on boats, rocks, pool bottom where possible as to not void warranty.

    • Limited Warranty

      SOMMERSO Warrants during the 3 year limited warranty period it will repair defects in materials where possible free of charge in one of the following ways, at our discretion:

      - Repairing

      - Replacing

      - Refunding, subject to our Limited Warranty

      If the product needs to be repaired or replaced the customer should send the product back to SOMMERSO immediately when they find a defect.

      The Limited Warranty does not cover:

      - Normal wear and tear such as scratches, miss use by standing on them, rough handling, dropping, hitting and crushing of the product.

      - All defects resulting from any of the above will not be covered by Warranty.

      - All of the foot pockets supplied are NOT covered by our Warranty.

      - Any damage done from improper turning in the pool, or any damage associated with improper fining technique.

      The Limited Warranty is invalid in the following:

      - Any self modifications

      - Exposure to chemicals

      - Terms of use are violated

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