FIN BAGS - small

FIN BAGS - small

SOMMERSO  Fin Bags-  Keep your fins protected during travel and from the weather with our fins bags.

  • Limited Warranty

    SOMMERSO Warrants during the 3 year limited warranty period it will repair defects in materials where possible free of charge in one of the following ways, at our discretion:

    - Repairing

    - Replacing

    - Refunding, subject to our Limited Warranty

    If the product needs to be repaired or replaced the customer should send the product back to SOMMERSO immediately when they find a defect.

    The Limited Warranty does not cover:

    - Normal wear and tear such as scratches, miss use by standing on them, rough handling, dropping, hitting and crushing of the product.

    - All defects resulting from any of the above will not be covered by Warranty.

    - All of the foot pockets supplied are NOT covered by our Warranty.

    - Any damage done from improper turning in the pool, or any damage associated with improper fining technique.

    The Limited Warranty is invalid in the following:

    - Any self modifications

    - Exposure to chemicals

    - Terms of use are violated


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