CORAL - Carbon X
  • CORAL - Carbon X

    CORAL - A special collaboration blade to raise awareness about the plight of coral reef systems around the world, a significant proportion of sales donated directly to Coral Guardian (NGO dedicated to preserving global coral reef systems.)


    Originator - Bryn Fabbri


    S O M M E R S O has collaborated with Bryn Fabbri and Martin Colognoli to bring you these stunning statement blades, depicting a before and after coral reef ecosystem.


    "Through Coral Guardian, since 2012, we want to bring a message of hope to the world where living beings, of which we are an integral part, have their rightful place. We have chosen to put ourselves at the service of coral ecosystems to make them known as widely as possible and thus protect them as best we can. Because of their fragility and great biodiversity, the world's coral ecosystems are the sentinels of the stability of life on our planet. For more than a century now, these ecosystems have been facing rapid degradation due to heavy exploitation of their resources as well as global warming of the earth's surface. We are realistic about an increasingly unstable situation, but we keep an optimistic vision of the future to inspire the world to continue to act, and to believe in positive change. Our actions have already shown that by protecting and raising awareness through the restoration of a threatened ecosystem, life quickly regains it's rights. This is our daily struggle at a local and global level. And this fight would not be possible without the involvement of as many people as possible. "

    - Martin Colognoli, Co-founder and Director of Coral Guardian


    These bioresin blades are non-symmetrical, with one blade showcasing a vibrant, healthy reef, and the other, a dead/bleached reef. Both blades carry a white Sommerso logo and Martin Colognoli's signature.




    Length - 770mm

    Width - 190mm

    22 Degree angle

    Weight - 520g


    S O M M E R S O  CARBON X Blades come in three stiffness grades

    - Super Soft up to 70kg

    - Soft to suit 70-90kg

    - Medium to suit 90kg +


    Sommerso Carbon X Blades are designed and fine-tuned to reduce your energy consumption with each kick, without losing speed and increasing performance. 


    This is achieved with its unique inner fibre layers placed at just the right areas so that with every for and aft kick you get the return snap that is unique to our carbon X blades.


    The top side has a smooth gloss finish and the underside a seal skin texture to maximise our hydrodynamic design.




    Our blades are all hand built using bioresin and take time to produce the quality that we pride ourselves on. Production times may vary depending on volume, with custom art taking longer than plain carbon.



    - Wash off saltwater and keep out of direct heat and sunlight.

    - Do not step on, wear on boats, rocks, pool bottom where possible as to not void warranty.

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